I was recently discussing with a friend of mine why blow up sex dolls have open mouths, and I was intrigued to find out why. I had read about it before but hadn’t really given it too much thought as to why this was. The more I asked around, the more interesting and unexpected answers I got.

To start off, it’s important to stress that blow up dolls with open mouths are made to specifically offer oral sex. This is quite different than the standard ones with a sealed mouth. The open mouth dolls offer a more realistic experience because it allows the user to insert their penis into the blow up doll’s mouth. The feel of the material and the friction of the lips around the penis make it more sensual and closer to a real life experience.

But the main reason why blow up dolls have open mouths, in my opinion, is because of the increase in pleasure it can offer users. It can provide a more lifelike feeling overall, as if you were engaging in the real thing – just without the risk of any emotional or physical attachment. It can also increase sensitivity and pleasure and make the experience more fulfilling than the traditional type of blow up doll.

The open mouth also offers users the possibility to role play and live out fantasy scenarios. Rather than just using the blow up doll in its traditional way, it can also provide opportunities for vibrators heightened pleasure during any kind of role play fantasy. It can allow users to feel as if they’re engaging in a variety of scenarios without leaving the house.

One of the major benefits of the open mouth blow up doll is that it offers a higher level of sensation than the regular blow up doll. Since the open mouth doll offers the user the ability to insert their penis into the mouth, it can increase pleasure and even make it more enjoyable than regular one. This is because the mouth offers a more natural entrance which helps create a more sensation filled experience.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the open mouth blow up dolls offer a higher level of variety. Users can experience a variety of scenarios and activities with the open mouth blow up dolls thanks to their realistic features that can’t be replicated by any other doll. In other words, users can enhance sexual pleasure with extreme levels of fantasy scenarios.

When it comes to choosing between regular blow up doll and an open mouth version, it can be quite the difficult decision – and I completely understand why. However, I recommend trying out both types to really understand the real differences and try out the level of pleasure they can offer. After all, options are always great, right?20 Best Cheap Vibrators for Under $25 That You Can Buy In 2022