where can i buy sex toys in roanoke va

Vibrators - Amazon.co.ukHey, I recently moved here to Roanoke, VA and I’m looking to spice up my life in the bedroom. I’ve heard from plenty of friends that sex toys can help enhance the experience. That said, I’m wondering where can I buy sex toys in Roanoke, VA?

I went on my usual online research and came across a few whispers on Reddit. Someone mentioned “Jenna’s Adult Boutique” on Church Street. As I dug a little deeper, I found out they’ve been around for nearly 4 decades and vibrators specialize in adult items. It sounds like the place for me. From light-up dildos to two person sex swings, there’s something for everyone. Plus, with a discreet location and an even more discreet shopping experience, I shouldn’t have to worry about any judgment.

My excitement only grew as I drove closer. The closer I got, the more curious I became. I found Jenna’s on a tucked away side street just off the main drag. With its all white paint job and cinnamon sweet aromas wafting out, I knew I was in the right place.

I opened the door and nearly laughed at the sight. This wasn’t your run of the mill shop. From scented candles to all different colors of lingerie, I was in jelly-like heaven. Whether I was looking for a toy that “tickled,” something for foreplay, or a video that could make my partner and I blush, Jenna’s had it all.

Surprisingly, the staff was also friendly and knowledgeable. I wasn’t expecting t o find out as much as I did from the shopkeeper. They were even kind enough to point out the sales items. I could tell they were used to dealing with first timers, as they didn’t stutter or become agitated while I was asking so many questions.

Not wanting to overdose on the excitement, I decided to just weed out the items I could see myself needing. To top it all off, the prices were more than reasonable. I didn’t think I’d get the variety and quality I did at such a reasonable cost.

It truly was a shop to remember. Communication and sex were both serious topics and Jenna’s truly got it right.