what makes a sex doll illegal

I was recently asked by a friend of mine if I understood why some sex dolls are illegal. At first, I had to admit that I didn’t really understand why, but I started doing some research and sex dolls came to some particularly interesting conclusions.

First of all, the law states that any inanimate object that resembles a real person is illegal. This means that life-like sex dolls which have been designed to look and feel like a real person, aren’t allowed. What makes them so life-like and therefore, illegal, is the fact that they contain synthetic skin, hair, and sometimes even “organs”.

Additionally, some of these dolls have been designed in such a way that they can be programmed to do certain actions, such as moaning, responding to touch, and even moving in certain ways. This essentially makes them seem like they can think and interact with people, Penis Rings which makes them even more realistic and so, illegal.

Another reason why sex dolls are illegal is because the manufacturers have sometimes gone too far in creating replicas that look shockingly similar to real people. This makes some people feel uncomfortable and for some, it’s a form of objectifying people.

I also believe that the use of sex dolls could lead to increased objectification of women which is another very important reason why these dolls are made illegal. Having a doll that is made in the image of a real person can devalue the real person and this could lead to a slippery slope of objectification of real people.

One more aspect to consider is that sex dolls are often seen as tools that can be used for the gratification of some people’s desires which might go against some people’s values. Sex dolls could potentially be used to simulate or replicate activities that many people find inappropriate and therefore, they are made illegal.

Overall, I believe there are a lot of very good reasons why sex dolls are illegal and these range from the fact that they often look realistically like real people, to the fact that they could lead to the objectification of real people in society. What do you think? Is it right for sex dolls to be made illegal or not? I’m really interested to hear your opinion.