Well, I’ll tell you about my recent experience at a sex doll meeting. I must admit, I was a bit nervous going in. After all, I know these meetings exist but kind of assume everyone who attends knows exactly what they’re doing. Boy, was I wrong! Everyone there was super friendly and welcoming; I almost felt like I was at a family gathering.

One of the attendees brought their own sex doll, sex dolls and they did a demonstration on how it worked. We all spend a few minutes marvelling at the realistic features and movements, it was really quite something. Some of us even took turns sitting in on a ‘test drive’ of the doll.

We then got to talking about the best methods for keeping sex dolls clean – and the consensus was to use a specific cleaning solution. Everyone had their own advice on how best to use it – like giving the doll a relaxing massage before and after cleaning.

From there, we moved on to discussing the ethical concerns associated with sex dolls – like whether ample research has been done surrounding their safety measures over time. It was good to see that people had already done their homework on the topic and were happy and confident to share their findings.

The conversation soon switched to a more creative topic; we discussed ways to customise your doll, to really make it your own. Whether that’s changing the hair or giving it a whole new body type; it was really interesting to hear about everyone’s customisation ideas.

The evening ended with a casual Q&A session – pretty cool! We discussed our favourite doll brands, bad experiences with doll companies and even shared pictures of dolls we wanted. It was a very diverse and open discussion.

Overall, it was a fun and thoroughly educational experience. From researching safety protocols to hearing about customisation techniques – and everything in between. Who could have guessed that a sex doll meeting could be so much fun?

When it came to discussing safety protocols, it was great to hear so many opinions and discoveries each of us had made in our research. We discussed how important it was to never share a doll with multiple partners, as this could introduce a whole host of possibilities for diseases. We discussed in depth the numerous inspections and safety tests dolls are subject to before they enter the market. Additionally, we discussed how the laws surrounding sex dolls vary on a state-by-state basis.

It was really inspiring to hear about each of our different customisation techniques and ideas. We shared stories of how we painted new faces for our dolls, gave them new tattoos, and even swapped out their hair. It was clear that each of us had gone that extra mile to make our dolls truly represent our own style.

The Q&A session gave us a great platform to not only share our experiences, but ask questions and engage in a safe and open dialogue. Whether it was a question about aftercare, customisation, or buying dolls from different companies, everyone was eager to share their own experiences and even tips on what to look out for.

Lastly, we shared stories of our own ‘dream dolls’. We discussed everything from the dream doll’s body type to its clothing, makeup, and accessories. It was a fun and lighthearted activity that had us all connecting and having some great laughs.

All in all, attending the sex doll meeting was a really great experience. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also met some really interesting people who are passionate about sex dolls. It was a great reminder of just how diverse this community is, and I’m excited to head back for more interesting conversations!