tumblr sex with dolls

You know how some people have a weird fascination with tumblr sex dolls? Well, my best friend just bought one and I was absolutely shocked. “What’s that for?” I asked with obvious disbelief.

She just shrugged nonchalantly, “It’s just something I want to try.”

I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. I have to admit, it looked pretty creepy. It was kinda like a mannequin but it was made out of a soft fabric material. It had realistic features like eyes, a nose, and a mouth. But what baffled me most was the fact that it had private parts too.

My friend told me that she was exploring different ways of sexual pleasure. “It’s just another tool I want to try and use in my bedroom” she said. Apparently, tumblr sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular.

I asked her what’s so special about using these dolls. She said that it gives her control over the entire experience. Unlike with a real partner, the doll doesn’t talk back and has no choice but to fulfill her fantasies. The plus point is that there’s no risk of STDs either!

I could see her point of view, but something still just didn’t feel right. She also had an extra layer of protection since for extra safety she bought the sex doll from a trusted, high-end store.

When we’d just met, she was a very open-minded person. But, now that she had bought a sex doll, I had to ask myself: Is this what open-mindedness has become?

In the end, I just didn’t feel right judging her, we each have our own issues and our own way of cope with them.

It’s true that sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular, sex toys so I wanted to find out more. What I realized was that these dolls come with a hefty price tag, so many people who would like to purchase one cannot afford it.

I also found out that there’s a taboo around these dolls which creates a social stigma around people who own one, so it’s hard for them to even admit that they have one.

On top of that, there are some concerns regarding safety. For example, about the materials that they’re made of and the risks of infections and other possible side effects.

But when it all comes down to it, everyone has the freedom to make their own decisions. If people want to buy a tumblr sex doll, it’s their own choice, so I guess it’s best to leave it up to them.