survey male masturbation

I recently conducted a survey to better understand the male population’s attitude toward masturbation.​ Of course, it is a big ‘no-no’ topic in some cultures, but there is a lot of shame and stigma around it even in societies that accept it more openly.​ I wanted to find out if people were comfortable enough to talk about it without feeling embarrassed and what their views were on it.​

When I brought the topic to the people I interviewed, accompanied by eye rolls and nervous laughter, I was pleasantly surprised by how open they were.​ I had the opportunity to talk to a few people who had never shared their thoughts on masturbation before – a unique experience!

One man I spoke to admitted that he felt guilty after masturbating and Penis Rings believed that it would bring him negative karma.​ Despite his belief, he still chose to do it from time to time and appreciated the fact there was no one to judge him for Penis Rings his choices.​

The responses were varied – there were some who believed it was a ‘natural form of relaxation’, while others thought it was purely for ‘physical release’.​ Some even admitted to masturbating to cope with stress and others used it as a form of experimentation.​

Many of the men I surveyed expressed that they used masturbation to gain a better understanding of their endurance, pleasure, and body.​ This makes sense as most men are not very sexually active and, therefore, need to be more aware of their own body in order to properly understand it.​

All in all, many of the responses I received about male masturbation were positive and uplifting.​ People seemed to know that it was a healthy form of expression and that it was necessary for self-discovery.​ Most of them also felt that it was important to do it in private, due to various restrictions their society might place on them.​

I was taken aback to find out that men, in general, viewed masturbation as a normal and healthy part of sexual development and exploration.​ So many of them felt that they were using it to better understand their bodies and even grow more comfortable in their own skin.​

One thing I noticed during my survey was that male masturbation isn’t seen in the same light as female masturbation.​ There seems to be a stigma attached to male masturbation, while female masturbation is often viewed as empowering and liberating.​ This disparity needs to be addressed so that it is seen as equally beneficial for both genders.​

Of course, there are still some people who are extremely against any kind of masturbation and some countries still have laws in place that criminalize the act.​ For example, in some areas of the Middle East, masturbation is still seen as a punishable offence – this is worrying if we are to ever hope for a more liberal society.​

The overall attitude, however, towards male masturbation was quite open and accepting.​ Most of those I interviewed felt that there was nothing wrong with it and spoke positively and honestly about it.​ This is encouraging as it demonstrates the inevitable progress our society is making in regards to being open and accepting of different sexual behaviours and attitudes.​