sex doll shakira 2018

I can’t believe it – sex doll Shakira 2018 is a real thing now! Seriously, I heard about a life-sized sex doll modelled on the real-life Shakira – and it’s officially being released this year. My jaw nearly dropped to the ground when I heard about it! I mean, sex dolls in general I can just about wrap my head around. But a ‘Shakira’ doll? That’s one for the history books if you ask me.

Apparently it’s got all the looks of our pop star Shakira – with the same dark hair, toned body and immaculate make-up, along with her signature swept-back hair-do and exotic designs. Being a fan, I think it’s pretty awesome that people can own their own – almost – Shakira. Though it does seem a little odd, of course. As if that wasn’t wild enough, whoever buys these dolls can even customise a range of limbs and facial features.

As you could imagine, the release of a Shakira doll – and even more so, a sex doll – has caused some controversy. Granted, likenesses of our global star have been featured in dolls before – from Rihanna to Lady Gaga, and all in between. But this takes things to a whole new level. Although the sex doll industry is growing exponentially, it’s still causing some concerns.

On a more personal note, I have to say it’s strange to think of a Shakira doll being a sex toy. Even just thinking about it creates some weird feelings that I can’t quite articulate. Then again, if it’s your thing, who am I to dictate what’s right and wrong?

I guess it’s the same with any controversial topic – everyone is entitled to an opinion, and if you’re entitled to buy a sex doll, then that’s up to you. Right? I mean, sex toys sure, there’s the ethical side of the argument – not to mention the cost… For some, it’s a ‘one-time investment’. But still, it’s not something you could throw around and brag about is it?!

I’m sure the Shakira sex doll raise some repercussion with the fans of the singer. I mean, while some people might find it nothing more than a novelty item, for others it’s sure to be a major affront. I must admit, it’s hard to gauge the reaction of the average Shakira fan, if it’s even humanly possible.

Fact is, some people might be offended by something like a Shakira sex doll. There’s the inherent sexualization of female identity which is sure to burden some people. Regardless of the reason why some people view the Shakira sex doll as offensive, it’s undeniable many will.

I understand there’s a lot of debate around these new types of sex dolls that are hitting the market. With the discussion around them often centering around the moral implications, there’s plenty of criticism from people who see them as troubling.

I must agree, from a moral standpoint a sex doll is a pretty contentious issue. For one, the use of a sex doll is often seen as a replacement for sexual interaction with a person. This may be seen as comparably morally odious to conducting real-life affairs, reducing the importance of actual relationships.

There is also the belief that sex dolls might desensitize people to physical intimacy and closeness, meaning those using it may distance themselves from real human contact. That said, those invested in the argument make sure to point out that it’s for the end users to decide what they do with them.

Of course, one point not to overlook is that these objects are illustrated with real people’s images and Penis Rings personalities without their consent. An obvious ethical conundrum of the sex doll industry revolves around appropriating someone’s public or private image to be used as an instrument for pleasure.

It’s a controversial topic no doubt, but partly that’s because it’s hard to find people who have either used or made one. I think that the only way to really get to the bottom of it is to actively seek out the firsthand experience of people who have personal relationships to the sex doll industry.

At the end of the day, anything that affects us so viscerally in that way can’t be a good thing. That much is a given. But I’d be lying if I said all the controversies surrounding sex doll Shakira 2018 didn’t make me curious.