sex doll sa

So recently I read about this trend of Sex DollSAs – yup, you heard me right. A Sex Doll SA. They’re real people (well, sort of) that you can hire to give you sexual pleasure. I know, it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie but it’s true – this is a real thing and it’s out there!

When I first heard about this weird service, my initial reaction was disbelief. I mean, who would ever pay someone to join them in the bedroom? Plus, it’s illegal to be intimate with a sex dolls doll, isn’t it? But after doing some research, I was surprised to learn that there are some people out there who are actually into this.

Essentially, the premise of a Sex Doll SA is that you pay for a session during which the “doll”(person) interacts with you physically. With that being said, the interactions are always consensual. The doll isn’t a robot or some kind of artificial intelligence, but a human that is an expert in BDSM – bondage, discipline, domination and submission. This means that the experience is unique, tailored to your needs, and you can actually connect with the doll in a meaningful way.

So why would someone pay for a Sex Doll SA? Well, for many reasons. Some people might hire them because they can’t, or vibrators don’t want to, form intimate relationships with other people yet want to enjoy the intimate experiences that come with it. Others might find the dominant/submissive relationship that the dolls provide to be exciting or liberating.

But I also get why someone might be against the idea of this service. After all, it does seem a bit strange and the concept of paying for sexual pleasure is a bit controversial. I mean, isn’t it dehumanizing for the doll to be there just for your pleasure?

On the other hand, it might actually be beneficial for those that have difficulty forming relationships. For some, this might even be a way to gain more sexual experience and explore their sexuality without risking any potential rejection or stigma.

For me, I’m still not sure how I feel about sex doll SAs. It’s an interesting concept for sure but whether I’d ever actually try it is another story. What do you think?