sex doll 2013

Good to see ya! I was out the other day window shopping and what did I stumble upon? A sex doll. Call it an innuendo trend, but ever since 2013, sex dolls have become somewhat of a widely accepted trend. It’s not like this idea is anything new but this version of it apparently has an adjustable neck, along with interior and exterior pleasure load sensors.

Anyway, cuts back to me window shopping when I thought out loud: “who in their right mind would buy one of those?” I saw a woman on the other side of the window and her expression made me realise I had said my thoughts aloud.

At first, I was like, “sorry… I didn’t mean that!” But as I stood there, I began to wonder: what if… what if the sex doll was an upgraded version of something that already existed? Would that make them more acceptably to people?

I mean, they say it’s a lot more realistic than the ones from the 70s. And then, this woman, out of nowhere, said it was indeed an improvement. I was not expecting that! And as our conversation continued, she told me she knew of people who had sex dolls from the 80s – and how it wasn’t something people felt comfortable discussing. However, in 2013, sex dolls were becoming part of the mainstream.

I had to ask: why 2013? She said it’s because in 2013, sex doll manufacturers had integrated several new features that made them look and feel much more realistic for the user. For me, sex toys this was a bit of a dilemma – on one hand I was fascinated but worried on the other, what if someone wasn’t mentally or emotionally ready for something so lifelike? It’s kind of sad, on an emotional level, to think about.

This conversation shifted things for me. I began to think more deeply about society’s perception of sex dolls. I believed that people’s attitudes towards them were slowly beginning to change, as people understood that these were created for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure and relationships; and not just for public view.

I thought back to 2013 and I couldn’t help but feel as though the sex doll industry had come a long way from the days of the 70s and 80s. People were more open to discussing it, as they could now appreciate the idea that it was a form of adult entertainment, and not just another oddity.

It made me realise that, despite the stigma of buying and owning a sex doll, society was open to the idea of sex dolls. People were starting to understand that sex dolls could provide pleasure and companionship for those who wanted it; without any judgement. I thought this was a great step for society.