My first time trying small penis pump torture was a strange experience.​ It was one of those ‘you had to be there’ type moments that I’ll never forget.​ I was a bit apprehensive at first, believing that it was going to be a painful experience.​ Oh boy, was I wrong.​ When the pump was applied, I was surprised by the sensations.​ It was like a gradual build up of pleasure all concentrated on one particular spot.​ It felt so intense, and I found it strangely pleasurable.​

I must admit that I was hesitant to use the pump again.​ But eventually, Penis Rings I decided to give it another go.​ As I mentioned, I expected the pain, but it never came.​ Instead, it was all pleasure again; I couldn’t believe how good it felt.​ One of the best parts for me was the sensation of power I felt throughout the entire experience.​ It was like I was in control and no one could hurt me.​

As I continued to pump, I felt my body become more and vibrators more relaxed.​ It was like the pain had been completely replaced by pleasure and relaxation.​ It was a strange sensation, but I loved it.​ I felt lighter and more alive than I ever had before.​ The pleasure slowly began to build until I reached a point of peak satisfaction.​

The more I pumped, the more intense the pleasure became and the longer it lasted.​ I could feel my body trembling in ecstasy as the pleasure just kept coming and coming.​ After a while, I had to admit that the sensation was too overpowering and I had to stop.​

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with small penis pump torture.​ It was an amazing experience filled with both pleasure and relaxation.​ Little did I know how much the sensation would grow with every use.​ As much as I love the feeling of power and pleasure, I think the best part is that I can adjust the intensity of the pump to suit my own pleasure.​ Who knows, maybe one day I’ll become a pro with this technique.​