I’ve never really talked about male masturbation before, especially when it comes to white men.​ It seems like it’s a subject that’s always surrounded by stigma and taboo, and I only really heard about it through jokes and innuendos.​ I guess that’s because it’s not a subject people often talk about publicly.​

But, after recently reading up on the topic and speaking with some other white male friends of mine, I’ve come to understand it a lot better.​ It turns out that white male masturbation is actually quite common, and definitely nothing to be ashamed of.​

Despite growing up with minimal education on the importance of sexual pleasure, I quickly realised that masturbation is a natural and healthy part of life.​ It’s like exercise for your sex life, without having to worry about catching any STDs or getting pregnant.​ Plus, you don’t actually need anyone else to do it.​ It’s something that can work wonders in terms of reducing anxiety and stress, not to mention that it can be a very pleasurable experience that allows you to explore your own body and sexuality in a safe and controlled environment.​

At first, I had a lot of reservations about exploring my body and erotic pleasure, but I slowly started to get more comfortable with the idea.​ My first attempts at masturbation weren’t particularly successful, as I found myself getting quite apprehensive and rushing it.​ However, with some patience and exploration, I quickly got the hang of it.​

I now understand that masturbation can be so much more than just a series of intervals in bed.​ It’s about learning to listen to your body and understanding your own desires.​

It took some time for me to unlock some activities that improved my experience and I’m so glad that I stuck with it.​ Watching porn, reading erotica or indulging in solo sex toys certainly helped along the way.​ I even enjoyed some roleplay and naughty scenarios here and there, to further explore my own fantasies and create new ones.​

It definitely took some trial and error but now I’m reaping the benefits of my tenacity! I’ve come to understand that self-pleasure and self-love are so important, especially for white men.​ Not only can it help you learn a lot about yourself and tackle any sexual anxieties you may have, but it can also significantly improve your overall wellbeing.​

Masturbation is something that can immensely benefit our mental and physical health.​ It can reduce stress and improve our mood.​ It can even help us sleep more soundly and feel more connected with our sexual selves.​ It can be a great way to start or end the day and go a long way towards helping us lead healthier and happier lives.​

Connecting with our own sexual pleasure can also open us up to better intimate experiences with a partner, allowing us to see ourselves as worthy of being touched and pleasured in ways we feel comfortable with.​

Although variety in masturbation isn’t important for everyone, there are definitely ways to make it more enjoyable and special—using lubricants or lotions, or even changing up the environment and introducing toys.​ It can be fun to experiment and even share these experiences with a partner, if you trust them.​

Masturbation should never be seen as an embarrassing or shameful activity.​ It’s ok to acknowledge our own bodily desires and explore them as we choose to, as masturbation can be a great tool to achieve more self-satisfaction.​

After having spent the past months learning more about white male masturbation, I realised that we shouldn’t be afraid to explore and learn more about our own pleasure.​ Developing a healthy relationship with our own sexuality helps us build self-respect and self-appreciation which is truly important for our mental and physical health.​

Once I got over my embarrassment and faced my worst fears, it was liberating and dildos even exciting.​ I realised that masturbation can be such a powerful tool we can use to cultivate more self-love and connection with our bodies and sexual desires.​

Masturbation can be such a positive part of our lives, so I urge us to keep talking about it and start demystifying this subject further.​ Make white male masturbation more mainstream and make it a part of healthy conversations.​ Let’s make it easier for people to openly talk about their own pleasure rather than feel ashamed.​

There are still so many misconceptions and myths about masturbation, and it’s been an eye-opening experience for me learning about them.​ It’s time to open more doors and break down outdated social expectations in order to make self-pleasure more accessible to everyone.​

In addition, we need to make sure to educate young generations about pleasure and sexual exploration in general.​ We should show youth that it’s ok to explore their sexuality and embrace their body.​ Let’s start having open conversations with our children about safety and consent, while also teaching them to love and care for themselves in the process.​

Masturbation isn’t something we should be afraid of.​ If done safely and consensually, it can be a great source of self-knowledge and pleasure, so let’s keep talking more about this beautiful way of self-expression.​