It was one of those days; I’d just decided to splurge and splurge hard and get a sex doll for spanking. I’d heard about spanking dolls and seen a few around, but I had never seriously thought about investing in one until my friend told me I should give it a try. So, I took her advice and went out and bought myself a full body inflatable doll with nipples that spinned when you pinch them!

At first I was a little skeptical. Could a toy really help me reach the level of pleasure and pain I was hoping for? Would the thud and yelp be satisfying enough for me? But those questions quickly melted away as soon as I started spanking her, my messed up mind was taken on a wild ride of sensations.

I’d heard that some people claim that spanking dolls can even replace the real thing. But, I’d like to challenge that assumption. Instead of deleting my need for a real person, this spanking doll gave me an appreciation for all the different types of spankings and sensations I could explore with someone else.

I started to experiment with different ways of spanking. I began to explore the speed and pressure of spanking, first using my hand and then adding an implement like a paddle for a stronger sensation. It was amazing to feel how quickly the doll’s body reacted to the force, and how that force could be felt throughout my entire body.

As I played around with this new toy, it wasn’t long before I developed a whole new appreciation for spanking. Being able to take control and create the sensation I wanted to experience was an incredibly empowering experience.

Plus, vibrators the amount of fun I was having with the doll created a whole new sexual confidence in me. Spanking had always been something I was a little scared to try, but playing around with this doll helped me explore spanking in a safe, controlled environment.

I was now more comfortable with exploring spanking outside of the bedroom. Seeing how much pleasure it brings to me motivated me to spank harder and longer.

The real bonus was that I didn’t even need to worry about leaving marks on my partner. After spanking the doll, I moved on to a softer, more sensual spanking, without the fear of hurting someone else.

Spanking also began to affect my other relationships. I found that in discussing and comparing spanking styles with friends, I learned more about how different people experienced and interpreted pleasure. My newfound understanding made sex much more enjoyable and satisfying.

And I even found that the doll offered me a valuable opportunity to practice communication. After all, having a conversation about the types of spanking and the intensity level you’re both comfortable with is an important part of the experience.

But what really sealed the deal for me was the fact that spanking with a doll offered a lot of pleasure and sex dolls a few surprises. I found that I could push my own limits and boundaries in ways I never even considered before.

Today, I take great pleasure in spanking my doll. The combination of pleasure and pain is incredibly satisfying, and I’m curious to see how far I can stretch myself and my pleasure levels. With a sex doll for spanking on hand, who knows what surprise await!