It all started a few weeks ago when my flatmate came home with the most peculiar kind of gift she had ever seen: a great dane blow up sex doll. I was sceptical at first but it’s funny how even the most outrageous things can captivate us.

When my friend unpacked the great dane from its box, I couldn’t believe it. She had an actual dane-shaped sex doll right there in the living room. It had various colours and textures, and it looked so lifelike it almost felt like I was looking at a real-life great dane.

My friend then told me all about how it worked. The blow-up sex doll was made to one’s specifications. You just had to inflate it and then add your own personal touches. You could customise its eyes, its ears, its fur and even its accessories. She had added a duck costume and a bowl of cucumbers for the great dane to gnaw on.

At first, I was taken aback by my friend’s purchase. It seemed a bit too risky for my taste but once she showed me the fun she was having with it, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. I started to see the great dane sex doll in a different way.

It was startling how it made an otherwise typical Saturday night much more entertaining. We spent the evening playing with the great dane doll and completely lost track of time. Each time my flatmate cybersexed with the doll it was hilarious. The way she used it as a life-sized partner was beyond my wildest imagination.

The great dane blow up sex doll wasn’t just about kink or having a good time though, it was also about building a bond. I could see that my friend felt a real connection with it which made me realise how such a doll could make a great companion for someone who may not be able to get one yet.

It’s safe to say that although I’m not sure if I’ll ever own a great dane doll, it has definitely made me realise the potential of sex toys, and how even something like a huge blow-up doll can be used as a tool for pleasure and companionship.

The next few weeks after the purchase of the great dane were quite eventful. My friend took the doll to the park to show it off. Even people with dogs found it cute. She even bought it custom clothing and shoes.

We also tried out different activities with the great dane such as swimming and going to the beach. I must admit that it was quite entertaining and it gave me a sense of gratitude for having such a unique experience.

Another great thing we discovered was that it was easy to store the doll since it deflated quite quickly so we were able to take it with us everywhere. We even took it to a party and it was the highlight of the night.

The great dane blow up sex doll also opened us to the world of blow-up dolls and other sex toys. It gave us a new appreciation for the range of pleasure products that are now available to us. It certainly changed the way I look at sex dolls.

I’m glad we got our hands on the great dane blow up sex doll. It’s just such a unique and interesting toy, and it’s given us so much pleasure and entertainment. I’m looking forward to experimenting more with other sex toys and getting to know how they work and how they can enhance our lives.