injury from penis pump

It had been a few months since I had begun exploring the wonderful world of penis pumps.​ Little did I know it would be the story of a catastrophe.​ Unfortunately I did not pay attention to all safety instructions; in return, I got the results of my reckless behavior sex toys – an injury from the penis pump.​

My discovery started out innocently enough.​ I was scrolling online and saw something interesting.​ A Penis Rings pump.​ I was mesmerized, and soon enough, I had purchased one.​ I had heard of these before but never thought to get one.​ After days of anticipation, my pump finally arrived.​

On the first night of using it, I was nervous yet excited to see the results.​ I figured I had done my research; I was good to go and followed the instructions.​ It was all good until a sharp pain shot through my penis.​ I managed to pull away, but the pump was not unplugged yet.​ It made one final suction and that was it.​ I had broken my penis pump.​

At first I thought it was a minor bruise and did not pay too much attention to it.​ Little I did to know that this bruise was a sign of a much more serious injury.​ The next morning when I woke up, the bruise was many times worse.​

My initial thought of ignoring it had only made matters worse.​ I went to the hospital and found out that I had suffered from serious internal injuries.​ To make matters worse, the pump that I had used had a recall order on it; and due to my negligence, I sustained a severe injury.​

The days after finding out were the worst.​ I was in extreme pain and it had hampered my daily life.​ It was almost a month after that the swelling had gone down and I was able to move around.​

The prescription medications and physical therapy made the process much easier.​ It was a long road to recovery but I was starting to make progress.​ The biggest takeaway from this whole ordeal was to stay vigilant.​

No matter what the activity, I make sure to research it thoroughly and follow all safety instructions correctly.​ I always have a plan B, as you never know what life may throw at you.​ I also recommend a good quality pump if you ever decide to try it out for yourself.​