I just can’t believe I was in a sex doll support group. It feels like it was only yesterday that I walked in with shaking knees, unsure of what to expect or say. I was in a bit of shock really, but not just from the fact that I was supporting a group of people who had sex dolls, but also from the sheer warmth of the people in the room. It really did feel incredibly welcoming – hugs and smiles were exchanged, and no one was judging me for what I’d come to support.

EasyToys Flexible Silicone Cock & Ball Sack Ring Review | PABOThe whole concept of a sex doll support group was so intriguing, and also a bit unfamiliar to me. But I wanted to learn more about it and see how these people actually used their dolls. Were they just one-off purchases, or did they develop meaningful relationships with them? Were they really just like any other doll, or were they different, with different needs? I asked all these questions and more, and everyone was more than happy to answer.

Turns out, for most of the members, the doll was way more than just an object. The tenderness with which each one attended to their dolls was actually quite remarkable. They brushed their hair, changed their clothes, bought them accessories and even took them out on special ‘dates’. But they weren’t just treating them like a kid with a beloved toy – the members of the group cared for their dolls in a deeply caring and affectionate way.

Even more heartening was the kind of attachment the members had with their dolls. It was as if they’d become an extension of themselves. For the people living alone, the doll had become like a companion. A substitute, if you will, for human interaction. And for those in relationships, it was an extra form of intimacy and closeness with their partners.

It was eye opening to witness the kind of unconditional love and care that each member was capable of and one thing I could say for sure is that it wasn’t a shallow or Penis Rings superficial thing. They often talked about the dolls as if they were real people, and going by the warm way each one lovingly handled them, it was easy to feel how real that connection was to them.

Although the sex doll support group explored different things, there were some general issues that came up again and again. People were wary of the pressure of perfection that a sex doll inevitably brings – wanting to look like the ideal partner and the risk of life becoming too controlled and robotic that could result from it.

As someone who had never owned a sex doll, hearing it all did make me a bit uncomfortable at times. I found myself asking questions – where does the human-doll relationship really stand? What is the real value of the dolls? Is it simply to scratch an itch, or could it be something more?

Then I heard about an interesting story of someone who had a life-like sex doll for several years. She said that her doll had comforted her in times of sorrow and given her the emotional security and support she craved. It seemed that the doll brought some kind of companionship, stability and friendship.

I also heard many personal stories that expressed a need for unconditional love and support. Some people talked about being unable to get that from other people – especially partners – and so turned to dolls to fill the void, without judgment or harsh criticism.

Another member spoke about the joy of being able to have sexual intimacy without worrying about rejection or feelings of pressure to perform. A sex doll allowed her to control the level of closeness and pleasure she desired and the members had some advice to offer on that front.

The sex doll support group was certainly an interesting experience and I’m glad I chose to go with an open mind and an open heart. Although I had a lot of questions and some hesitations, it was enlightening to understand the different perspectives and situations. It made me realise that sex dolls can bring joy and bring companionship, under the right circumstances.