how to use a sex toy bullet

I remember when I first started exploring sex toys. A friend of mine had just been gifted a bullet toy, and dildos she was excited to show it off. I had never seen anything like it before. It was small, light, and had a waterproof coating. After she showed it to me she told me all about how to use it and how pleasurable it could be.

I was curious to try it out myself, but I was hesitant. I had never used anything like this before and I wasn’t sure how it would feel, but I was also excited to explore. I nervously grabbed the bullet, took a deep breath and switched it on. A ripple of pleasure washed over my body. It was incredible.

The bullet seemed to know just how to hit the right spot and get me shaking with pleasure. I moved it in different directions, playing around with the settings and intensities, and soon enough I was well and truly lost in a world of pure bliss. I was in heaven; I could feel the pleasure travelling up and down my body, the sensations becoming stronger and stronger.

I had no idea about the different uses of a sex toy bullet before but now that I do, I can’t picture masturbating without it. It’s so versatile and perfect for both solo and partner play. The bullet can be used directly on the clitoris for clitoral stimulation, or it can be inserted into the vagina for G-spot stimulation. Personally, I love to use it while being penetrated with a dildo – the combination of both a vibrator and penetration is amazing! It also feels great when used as part of foreplay, either on yourself or your partner.

I also love how easy it is to clean and store the bullet. All you need is some warm water and some sex toy cleaner to get it squeaky-clean and ready for use again. It’s small enough to carry around with you but it packs a punch – I can testify!

Another thing I love about the bullet is that it can be used with other vibrators. When I’m feeling extra daring, I like to team up the bullet with a wand designed for external and clitoral stimulation for an mind-blowing experience.

The ways to use a sex toy bullet can be as creative and wild as you like. You can play with the vibration patterns, use it with another toy or even experiment with different temperatures for even more intense sensations. I love to use a combination of all!

As I’ve discovered over the years, the possibilities with a bullet sex toy are truly endless. Whether you’re experimenting solo or playing with a partner, there are plenty of fun ways to explore the different sensations this little device can create. From clitoral to G-spot stimulation – the experience is quite simply out of this world.