how pump an uncircumcised penis

One thing I’m sure that very few of my friends are aware of is how to pump an uncircumcised penis properly.​ It can be an intimidating process, especially since there is much more skin to deal with compared to a circumcised penis.​ In order to get it right, and make sure that safety is the primary concern, here are the steps you need to take.​

Firstly, make sure you have the right size pump.​ One that is too small can be painful and one that is too large might be uncomfortable.​ Before you purchase a penis pump, it’s best to measure yourself carefully and get a size that matches your needs.​

Next, lube up everything.​ It’s really important to have a lubricant or some kind of lubrication to make the process as comfortable and as safe as possible.​ Make sure to apply it generously, and don’t forget to coat the inside of the pump too.​

Once the lubrication is in place, you can start pumping.​ Make sure you pump slowly and gradually, increasing the pressure gradually, otherwise you may end up hurting yourself.​ It’s normal to experience some mild discomfort, but if it becomes painful you should stop and ease back a bit.​

Be very careful with how much pressure you use while pumping.​ It’s better to work up to it, and you should also pay attention to any weird feelings or sensations, because any extreme discomfort should be treated as a warning sign of possible injury.​

Finally, when it comes to pumping, it’s important to keep in mind to never rush the process.​ Doing it correctly can take a bit of time and practice, but once you get the hang of it, the process can be much quicker.​

So there you have it, that’s the key to how to pump an uncircumcised penis.​ Just remember to go slow, use plenty of lubrication, and take your time.​ If you do all of that, then you should be good to go.​

The next step is to figure out once you have erected what to do with it.​ First question is whether you want to add any kind of sensation to it? If so, you could look at sex toys made specifically for use with uncircumcised penises.​ This could be anything from a vibrator, cock rings or special sleeves.​

Next, you may want to consider what you plan on doing with the erection.​ If it’s just for the enjoyment of it, then the world is your oyster.​ Alternatively, if you’re after penetrative sex then it may be worth exploring a range of different condoms and lubricants to enable this.​

Thirdly, you should consider how to control your erection, especially if you’re looking to last longer during sex.​ This could involve using a variety of techniques such as squeezing the base of the penis as well as taking longer and deeper breaths.​ Or if you’re after a more scientific approach, there are a number of products out there which can help you control and delay ejaculation.​

Another essential piece of advice is to make sure you take good care of your penis afterwards.​ This means washing it gently with warm water and drying it carefully.​ Additionally, you should take the time to moisturize your penis to keep it healthy.​

Lastly, don’t forget that you should only ever pump your penis when you’re ready, and never push your body more than it can handle.​ That means taking the time to familiarize yourself with how it works and its limits before trying something new.​

So, to recap, in order to pump an uncircumcised penis is to make sure you have the right size pump, use lots of lubrication, and increase the pressure gradually.​ Don’t forget to add any kind of sensation if you please, sex dolls consider what you plan on doing with the erection, how to control it, take good care of it afterwards, and most importantly, never push your body more than it can handle.​