has anyone been arrested for owning young sex doll

When I heard about someone being arrested for sex dolls owning a young sex doll I couldn’t believe it. This was not something I expected to hear. It seems so outrageous and so wrong. I had to take a closer look to figure out why that would be a criminal offense.

First off, I should say that I’m completely against people using sex dolls as a replacement for real human companionship. It just seems so wrong on so many levels. I feel like it reduces humanity to something less than its full potential. It’s almost like the person committing the offense is denying humanity its highest calling.

That being said, I don’t think this behavior should be illegal. It’s a violation of societal mores but it’s not a crime. The person who engaged in this behavior had to be aware that what they were doing was socially unacceptable. It’s not the kind of thing you’d do if you had any sense of shame.

Still, I can understand why some people would get so angry about it. It’s a violation of the rights of children. Using a young sex doll implies the use of a child in some way, and that’s a moral crime that deserves to be punished.

However, I think the punishment has to be reasonable. Jail time seems a bit extreme for some incorrect thinking. A hefty fine perhaps, or some sort of community service punishment.

I don’t think these people should be treated the same way as criminals who commit real crimes. However, it does need to be shown that this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated.

I guess the whole situation boils down to a question of what our society values more, human rights or moral norms. That’s why this issue has become so controversial. It’s about much more than just a sex doll; it’s about our collective values and how we deal with those who deviate from them.