forum where people describe their interactions with sex dolls

So, it all started when I stumbled across this Forum about sex dolls. At first, I was a bit anxious about the idea – I mean, I had heard of them, but I had never personally interacted with one. As I started reading the forum posts, my curiosity was definitely piqued.

Sex dolls: Realistic \u2018Love Dolls\u2019 are the world\u2019s most expensive at nearly $10K eachOne particular interaction which jumped out at me was from someone who had an old, second-hand sex doll. They expressed how they had to nurse their doll back to health. They had to clean it, apply lubricants, give it the TLC that it was almost certainly lacking. It was kind of like taking an old car apart, fixing it up, and then painting it a new colour.

The post made me think – if someone could treat their sex toys doll like it was real, could it provide more than just physical pleasure?

Seemingly, the answer was yes. A number of people on the forum talked about talking to their doll, making them feel like part of a family. One user even said that their doll was like their confidant, their secret keeper. Others talked about how, although nothing beats the human touch, their doll still provided a certain level of companionship.

It was interesting to hear people’s different reactions to their dolls. Some had a deep and intense fascination for them, others preferred little to no interaction. Everyone had something positive or negative to say and it resulted in some interesting conversations.

That’s not to say that the discussions did not delve into the naughty details. Yes, there were explicit photos, stories, and advice about what to do with a doll. But it was never too much, it was conducted in a casual and open manner.

Reading the forum has been an eye-opener. Not only did it make me feel comfortable about the idea of sex dolls, but I was also surprised to see how many people genuinely enjoy interacting with them.

Comparative to this, of course, there were those who could only view the dolls as a way of getting physical satisfaction. But, for those that had a more emotionally fulfilling experience, it was clear that the doll had become much more than an object.

What was also really interesting was the amount of creativity involved in customizing the dolls. People talked about customizing the eyes, the hair, the breasts and even the makeup. Many of the projects involved a lot of time and effort, not to mention artistic creativity.

This kind of creative spirit was also evident when users discussed accessories for their dolls. Some of the items included clothing, hats, shoes and even jewelry. Obviously, not all of these items had to do with sexual gratification, they were purely for aesthetic purposes.

The forum discussions provided fascinating insight into what people had done with their dolls, and what they had created with them. Although everyone’s reaction and experience was different, it was clear to see that the dolls provided something more than just physical satisfaction.

I for one am definitely more open-minded and curious about such dolls now! What do you think about them and have you ever interacted with one?