do heterosexual males enjoy watching males masturbate

I never really considered how some heterosexual males might feel watching another male masturbate.​ I’ll admit, a part of me is intrigued and curious.​ It always gets me thinking for a bit, and to be honest I think it’s kind of cool.​ Guys are less open about discussing it which makes it all the more interesting.​

I mean, watching another male pleasure himself is hot and all, but would heterosexual males actually enjoy watching it? Considering how polarising the male body can be (not to mention genitalia), some guys might struggle to reconcile that with their own heterosexuality.​

At the same time though, some males might not be bothered by it, or even get off on it.​ Everyone experiences pleasure differently, so to each their own I say.​

To answer my own query, would heterosexual males actually enjoy watching another male pleasure himself? Well, I guess it depends on the person.​ For some, it’s a huge turn on, whereas for others it’s a massive turn off.​ Plus it all depends on the context.​

Myself personally, I don’t think I would particularly enjoy it, but at the same time I’m not opposed to it either.​ Maybe if the guy was doing it as a seduction move, then that could be somewhat hot I reckon.​

His confidence in himself and his desires, could be quite the turn on.​ Not to mention his body movements as he caresses himself could really do the trick.​ I think I might be open to the idea in a different context if the guy was attractive and I was into it.​

I’m sure there are plenty of guys out there that don’t feel the same way, but hey, sex dolls it’s all good.​ We’re all different and I think that’s what makes us unique.​ If you’re into it, then more power to you.​

Still, it’s not something you’d often find guys talking about.​ It’s definitely considered more of a taboo topic in my experience, Penis Rings and I can see why.​ It’s understandable why some guys hesitate to voice their arousal at the thought of watching other guys pleasure themselves.​

It’s something that tends to go undiscussed amongst other males, yet it’s still a topic of interest for some.​ I mean, who could blame them? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that likes to think about it.​ Everyone is different and that’s the beauty of it.​