cyber monday male masturbators

So, cyber monday is finally here! I’m feeling the buzz in the air and all the anticipation of what deals I can score! Anyway, as I was searching around for some cool tech stuff to buy I stumbled across an online store selling male masturbators.​ Whoa, talk about a curveball! It brought a whole new level of excitement to my cyber monday shopping experience!

I’m sure at this point you’re wondering, what is a male masturbator? Well, male masturbators are pretty much exactly what the name implies – gadgets designed for solo sessions.​ They usually come in the form of a sleeve, device, or toy that you wrap around your penis when you’re ready to get your pleasure game on.​ They vary from basic to high end, from simple rubber designs to high-tech interactive sex toys featuring VR and other features.​

One thing that really surprised me is that these gadgets actually aren’t that expensive.​ Some are even cheaper than I’d have expected for their capabilities.​ And when you factor in the Cyber Monday discounts, they suddenly become even more attractive as an impulse buy! Sure, I’d heard about these toys before, but I didn’t know that they’d become so affordable.​

I mean, it’s hard to turn down a good deal, and the fact that I was able to get a great male masturbator that is guaranteed to make my ‘me time’ even more enjoyable was too good to pass up! So, I ended up getting the upgraded VR version, which includes a built-in virtual reality headset.​ You plug it into your computer, phone, or laptop, put the headset on, and the device creates a digital world that you can explore.​

Plus, some of the models even come with an adjustable stroker sleeve, so you can experience a more realistic sensation by controlling the intensity.​ This is great news for me because I love the feeling of nearly having it all and then, just as I reach that ‘point of no return,’ I can reach out and make a few more tweaks to the intensity.​ And when I’m finished, I can simply unplug the device and put it away.​

I’m really happy that I was able to find such an amazing deal on a male masturbator – it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time.​ The level of pleasure that it brings is beyond what any partner can provide, and I’m sure I’ll be using it for weeks and months to come.​

After my cyber-monday haul, I decided to start researching what other gadgets were available in the market.​ Turns out, there is a wide range of practical, innovative and exciting gadgets designed specifically for men that are designed to make our solo-sessions even more enjoyable.​ Besides masturbators, there are also penis pumps, sensors, and vibrators that you can use to enjoy even more variety and pleasure.​

What was even more exciting to me was that some of these things were even programable.​ That meant I could plug it into a computer or phone and customize the settings to my liking.​ I’d also heard about penis extenders but didn’t think I’d be able to buy one for myself.​ Gladly there are even packages that combine extenders and masturbators.​ So now, I’m looking forward to those long weekend sessions – an evening of pleasure and stimulation with the help of some high tech toys.​

I’m also really interested in the new interactive masturbators that now come with options for multiple sessions.​ Not only do they have sophisticated motion sensors and other controls, but also a variety of adaptable parameters that enable you to create infinite variations of your experience.​ I mean, it’s not just about orgasms anymore – it’s about creating the ultimate experience.​

While I’m still playing with my new toy, I can’t help but wonder what the future might bring – especially in the realm of male masturbators – and I’m eagerly looking forward to finding out.​ Ready for a few more thrilling solo sessions this weekend!