can kids buy sex toys

Hey friend, so you won’t believe what I heard the other day at the shopping mall! Apparently, kids can buy sex toys now. I was completely flabbergasted! It got me thinking; should kids be allowed to buy sex toys?

It felt like the world had taken a real swift left turn and I had no idea how to feel about it. On the one hand, I felt like it just wasn’t necessary. On the other, it felt like the wrongness of the situation had been exaggerated to give it an undeserved taboo. I mean, haven’t so many of us grown up with a G.I. Joe or Barbies or some sort of doll? Those teach kids quite a bit about themselves.

Still, I’m not so sure if it’s right or wrong to be selling toys related to sex to children. On the one hand kids should be taught to be independent and free to explore their curiosity – sex included. On the other, selling a child a rabbit vibrator doesn’t really seem like it should be a thing. After all, our views on sex as adults are very different than as kids. I can’t help but think that kids are not even able to wrap their brains around it yet and that it could quite possibly confuse them.

Then again, many cultures have much more open views on sex than the one I’m surrounded by. Getting access to these toys could lead to a better understanding of this kind of sex-related material, thus breaking the taboo surrounding it. Plus, maybe if kids have an easier access to this kind of merchandise, it could possibly give them a bit more security when it comes to exploring their own sexuality on their own terms. It could also lead to better education on the matter.

On the other hand, I don’t think any kid – or adult for that matter – should be able to access hardcore sex toys and content. That’s just too much too soon. Also, what is the purpose of selling toys related to sex to kids? How is this something that needs to be marketed or even allowed in the first place? I’m left to ponder quite a bit.

When it comes to exploring their own sexuality, I’m all for creating an open and healthy environment for it. But introducing it to kids in the form of a sex toy is definitely a bit too much. That being said, sex toys it’s important for kids to be informed about sex and learn the basics. But there are other ways to get these facts and ideas across without giving them access to such toys.

Personally, I feel it’s a big no-no. After all, we should be more responsible about the choices we make and how we influence our kids. That being said, perhaps there are other ways to introduce sex toys to kids that could work to their benefit. But right now, the way I see it, kids should not be allowed to buy sex toys. What do you think?