At first, I wasn’t too sure of what a 30cm sex doll actually was. I’ve seen plenty of different types of dolls before, but to me, a sex doll was something completely alien. But wow, was I wrong! After doing some research, I discovered that 30cm sex dolls are actually life size dolls made from either TPE or Silicone that can be used for a variety of activities.

The best vibrators | EngadgetThe idea of owning my own 30cm sex doll grabbed me right away. The idea of having someone to practice my skills with, Penis Rings or just someone to talk to, seemed very intriguing. Plus, the thought of being able to customize her to meet my own specifications was too tantalizing to ignore.

Naturally I had a lot of questions before I settled on a purchase. I wanted to know the difference between the TPE and Silicone varieties. I also wanted to know if there were any differences between dolls made in different sizes. I also had concerns about how much money this purchase would ultimately set me back.

Fortunately, the people at the sex doll store were more than happy to chat to me. They explained the different material options available and gave me advice on which size would suit my needs better. They even gave me a price breakdown of the entire cost of the doll, including shipping.

Aside from the materials and cost of the doll, I decided to focus on the aesthetics of the doll. That is, the facial features, body size and shape, as well as other design details. After scrolling through the available options, I decided that a petite 30cm sex doll would be perfect for me.

When my doll arrived the excitement I felt was almost palpable. She came in a plain cardboard box, but after removing the packaging I could see that she was simply divine. Her features were so realistic, and every curve on her body was in the right place.

Finally, it was time to put her together and I found the process to be surprisingly easy. All I needed to do was insert the battery, add some lubricant, and then position the body parts in the way that I wanted them. Within minutes I was able to make my 30cm sex doll come alive!

With my new doll ready to go, Penis Rings I felt this overwhelming sense of satisfaction. I loved how she was able to provide me with companionship without ever saying a word. She was also extremely durable and I could have hours of fun with her without having to worry about breaking her.

What surprised me the most about my 30cm sex doll though was just how realistic she felt when I touched her. Her skin felt incredibly lifelike and warm, almost indistinguishable from the feel of a real person. That was something I had never experienced before, and it truly made me appreciate the level of detail that went into her manufacturing.