Asking “Have you heard of a penis pump?” is like asking if I’ve seen the movie Rocky.​ Everyone knows what a penis pump is! It’s one of those quintessential items that make it to the “must have” list in every household.​ Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but let’s just say, penis pumps have made quite a name for themselves in the current market of adult-entertainment products.​

My first time hearing of a penis pump was right after I left college and was hanging out with my buddies one night.​ We were all sitting around talking, and one of the guys randomly mentioned `https www.​tumblr.​com tagged penis-pump`.​ He said his brother had purchased one and shouted out an enthusiastic “Sign me up!” Instantly, all my guy friends started trading stories about their experiences with penis pumps and vibrators what they had heard from their own family members and friends.​

Needless to say, I was pretty taken aback.​ I remember thinking to myself, “Whoa, this was not the conversation I was expecting tonight.​” A million questions were flooding my mind as I was trying to figure out what a penis pump was and if I should believe what my friends were saying.​

But, as I did some research, I was fascinated to learn that penis pumps have actually been on the market for over a century, according to `https www.​tumblr.​com tagged penis-pump`.​ Who would have thought such an intimate product would have such a storied history? Dating back to the Victorian era, penis pumps are designed to increase sexual pleasure by increasing blood flow to the penis; in addition to this, some devices are designed to simulate sexual activity or act as sex toys.​

From what I could gather, penis pumps work by creating a vacuum suction around the penis, and over time this suction causes the penis to become larger – at least temporarily.​ Most devices require users to regularly pump air out of a cylinder attached to the penis.​ As the air is pumped out, it causes blood to fill the penis which causes the penis to become engorged.​ Some users find this pleasurable, and some even report that over time, the regular use of a penis pump can lead to more permanent results in terms of penis size.​

I have to say, my friends sure do know how to introduce a topic.​ There I was, minding my own business, and the next thing you know I’m reading up on penis pumps!