As much as I love experimenting with my sex life, I never thought I would find solace with the male masturbator and no lube formula.​ I mean, it sounded like an oxymoron! But since curiosity got the better of me, I decided to give it a shot anyway.​

I was both apprehensive and excited when I first tried this new combination without any lube.​ Surprisingly, I felt less friction than I was expecting.​ It was such a smooth and enjoyable experience that I was close to feeling a heightened sensation, unlike anything I had experienced before.​

The tingly feeling that I was experiencing reminded me of a cool summer breeze circling my every pore.​ I was totally immersed in the pleasure and sensations that come with not using lube.​ And to add some creativity to my masturbation experience, I even changed up the speed and tried different motions.​

The surprising thing is, I think no lube made the experience even better.​ After all, with lube, it felt like a more slippery action — enjoyable, but nothing special.​ However, with no lube, it felt soothing, yet electrifying in a sense.​

To be honest, it felt liberating, almost meditative, completely unleashing the positive energy and allowing me to relive my body’s pleasure.​ I think this can act like a therapy, teaching you to depart from the traditional corporate-like fears and experiment on your own.​

As I continued, I soon realized that using a male masturbator without lube was actually improving my sexual health.​ I felt more relaxed, content and free after every session.​ The power of self-love was totally grabbing hold of me, and I could feel the difference.​

When I used lube the times before, I often felt the urge to just finish off quickly.​ But with no lube, I was learning to go at my pace and find notions of pleasure that I hadn’t yet discovered.​ I was learning to get out of my comfort zone, and that’s what made this experience even better.​

It’s incredible how simply changing up the lubricant factor can alter the masturbation experience for the better.​ I had felt a little afraid to try it at first, but it wound up teaching me the power of breaking free and being creative with my sexuality.​

The next step was isolating all the subtle nuances of pleasure I felt while using a male masturbator without lube.​ I locked the door to my bedroom, grabbed the vibrator and let the waves of ecstasy take over me.​ I explored my body with slowness and savored the incredible sensual ride like I had never done before.​

My mind was elsewhere and I couldn’t feel my body any longer.​ Efficiency, pleasure and relaxation were all part of the sexual equation.​ This time around, I could stretch my playtime with no lube as long as I wanted and my skin felt more and more tender with every passing second.​

So I thought, why not use the comfort of my own bed to stay connected with my body and explore my own pleasure? By slowing down and savoring the moments, I could evolve my solo-masturbation routine and discover something new.​

This was a unique opportunity where I could get back to basics and go wild with the male masturbator playing field, letting my fingers and tongue know each and every contour of my skin.​ I could bring out all sorts of seductive moans and touch myself everywhere, all while no lube.​

Another experience I had with the male masturbator no lube formula was teaching myself to focus on my sensations and allowing my mind to process it all.​ I discovered new paths that led to a happier and healthier state of mind.​ My orgasms were definitely more intense and my self control was improving while mastering the art of self-love.​ That largely helped me push my boundaries to find an even more fulfilling pleasure.​

But mastering male masturbation without lube was more than just a physical activity — it was also an emotional and spiritual journey.​ It was teaching me the importance of letting go, bringing my attention back to the present moment, and allowing my natural wisdom to take center stage.​

The most incredible experience was using the male masturbator while I was standing in my shower.​ My hands were immersed in soapy lather and every single touch felt completely different.​ I didn’t need any lube to start exploring my pleasure points.​

The unique blend of hot water coming down on my skin and the motion of the vibrator felt asphalt like — strong and stimulating.​ I felt the water and my hands working together in perfect harmony, calming my senses with every stroke and eventually enveloping my body with waves of extreme pleasure.​

The stimulation of the vibrator was also affecting my muscles, releasing all the tightness and eventually sending me to seventh heaven.​ I no longer doubted I could bring myself to orgasm this way — in fact, this method seemed a lot more powerful than the lubricated option.​

Finally, I realized that the male masturbator no lube formula could help me stay calmer and reduce my stress and anxiety levels.​ I kept experimenting to deepen my concentration on those sensations while allowing my body to relax.​ My focus was no longer on the big picture, but on the slight yet powerful details of my own pleasure.​

The deep tissue massage that I received totally amazed me.​ I learned how to really get in touch with my own body without anyone else’s help and have multiple orgasms within minutes.​ Now I also understand why so many sexual health experts recommend male masturbation without lubricants — the muscles generate more pleasure and fairy-like sensations that didn’t exist before.​

Based on my personal experience, I would advise everyone to give the male masturbator no lube formula a try.​ Whether it’s to reduce stress, increase libido levels, deepen concentrative and meditation techniques, or just add a bit of spice to your sex life — you’ll be surprised at the results.​

The main thing to remember is to keep an open mind and don’t shy away from trying something new.​ With just a bit of practice and courage, you will find it’s way more enjoyable than the lubed version.​

My second step after using the male masturbator with no lube was to find even more exciting activities.​ I had already tasted the forbidden fruit by self pleasure without lube, so why not explore the unbounded delight that comes with a variety of sex toys? After all, experimenting and exploring can lead to new heights of pleasure that can excite us all.​

This is why we need to be more daring.​ For example, why not try a luxurious silicone male masturbator with no lube and spice up your intimate sessions? That way we can experience the amazing combination of smooth silicone and gentle, unrushed strokes to unleash waves of pleasure.​

But I must share a piece of advice with you — please take your time to warm up your body when you’re using the male masturbator without lube.​ Start slowly and use your free hand to magnify the desired pressure or simply add more gentle touches.​ That way, you can keep your stimulation level increasing slowly and steadily.​

Also, you can always combine multiple male masturbator no lube techniques.​ For example, you can alternate between conventional and erogenous cords and see the differences.​ For instance, you can start with erogenous cords and then use the forearms, palms, or even elbows to intensify your pleasure.​

One last suggestion I can give is to use a combination of temperature and vibrating male masturbators with no lube at the same time to reap great rewards.​ Try a cold vibrator and a hot one at the same time — I guarantee this will take you to another level of orgasmic pleasure.​

Nowadays, I realize that the male masturbator with no lube can offer so much more than just phenomenal pleasure — it’s also an opportunity to get to know my own body better.​ For that reason, I feel so much more confident when I’m engaging in intimate activities with my partner.​

Plus, I also understand that there are many options for sexual pleasure beyond just male masturbation with no lubricant — for instance, stimulating using gentle ideas or enjoying erotic conversations, to name a few.​ Whatever works best for me.​ : Buy 100 cm Best quality factory price full silicone mini sex doll free shipping ...The male masturbator no lube experience has taught me that the key to better orgasms and living a healthier sex toys life is to always stay open and willing to explore new possibilities.​ I hope this story has encouraged you to re-look at your sexual routine and make it truly pleasurable and unique.​