A few weeks ago, a friend sent me an online question: “how long are horse dildos?” I was so confused and inadequate that I had no idea how to answer. It was a strange question that I had never heard of before.

At first, I thought I was being pranked. I mean, how was I supposed to know the answer? I didn’t even know what a horse dildo was. But being a curious person, I decided to look deeper into the subject.

As I started researching online, I was surprised to find out that horse dildos actually existed and were quite popular. To my surprise, they weren’t huge like I expected them to be. In fact, the average size of a horse dildo was about 8-10 inches in width and length.

I was shocked that something this small would fit comfortably on a horse. Of course, I was ignorant about the whole subject, and this new information opened my eyes a bit.

Then I wondered how long horse dildos actually were. I had to keep digging to find out. Eventually, I discovered that depending on the size of the horse and the person using the dildo, the length of the horse dildo would vary. This was even more confusing for me.

However, I kept researching and I found that some websites sold dildos that were around 12 inches in length. But even these sizes seemed too small for a horse to be able to fit in comfortably. I was starting to think that this must have been some kind of joke.

I consulted a few experts on the matter and they said that the size of the horse dildo should be decided based on the size of the horse and the person using the dildo. They also said that it was best to use lube with the dildo to avoid any discomfort. This made me feel better, as I was now relieved that the whole thing was not a joke.

I asked around to some horse owners and they said that they usually prefer dildos that are around 14-16 inches long. So that means that when it comes to horse dildos, longer is better.

This revelation got me thinking. What other kinds of phenomena exist in the world that I know nothing about? I guess I will just have to keep exploring.

To conclude, the length of a horse dildo can vary depending on the size of the horse and the person using it. They can range from 8-10 inches in width and length up to 14-16 inches. Depending on the size of the user and horse, the size of the dildo should be adjusted accordingly. Using lube is also a must to avoid any discomfort for both the horse and the person.

My next step was to look into how to actually use the dildo on a horse. I wanted to make sure that the horse was not going to suffer any discomfort when the dildo was inserted. After some research, I found out that it was best to use the dildo in short, gentle strokes so as not to traumatise the animal. Additionally, I learned that some horses actually enjoy the feeling of a dildo even though this seemed unlikely to me. After all, horses are gentle creatures.

I also read about people who used the dildo for medical purposes on horses. Apparently, the dildo helps horses stay relaxed and display fewer signs of stress while undergoing minor surgery or being moved longer distances. Therefore, this makes the process easier for both the human and the horse.

This was truly an eye opener for me. I had no idea that this kind of thing existed, and I was glad to learn about it. I’m sure my friends would be equally surprised if I told them about horse dildos.

When it comes to cleaning, I found out that the same process applies to horse dildos as with human dildos. To ensure hygiene, it’s best to wash it with a mild soap and water after every use. In addition, it’s important to use a condom if the dildo is going to be used by more than one person.

However, despite the precautionary measures, I would advise my friends to be cautious when using horse dildos. As I learned, this practice is not without risk for both horse and human. Therefore, it’s best to take appropriate precautions and be aware of the risks.

Finally, I learned that people use horse dildos for a variety of reasons. For some, it is pure pleasure, while others use it for medical purposes. At the end of the day, horse dildos are still a strange topic that can be baffling. It’s a topic that I had no idea about beforehand.